Jun 28

June 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing – Transform

Loot Create June Unboxing

Last month I introduced you to a subscription box service called Loot Crate I subscribed to. Now it’s time for June’s unboxing, which was themed Transform. I was excited for June’s box for 2 reasons. 

  • It hinted that there would be Transformer items, which as a child of the 80s, I grew up on these awesome bots and still love them to this day!
  • It guaranteed a t-shirt and that alone made it worth my monthly cost of $18.37 ($12.37 plus $6 shipping for the 3 month plan).

Based on those two hints, I was looking forward to the box and boy, it did not disappoint! Here’s all the goodness, and the few misses, that was packed into June’s box:

  • LC June ShirtA red t-shirt that was a Back to the Future and Transformer mash up. The image is of a time traveller Transformer named Marty McPrime and he transformed into a DeLorean. It’s very, very cool.
  • LC June TransformerThe Transformer blind box contained one of 11 different vinyl figures. I received an Autobot named Sideswipe. I’m not normally a fan of vinyl figures, but this one is neat because it has weapons, giving it play value instead of just being shelf fodder. As for the Transformer sticker, I also got an Autobot one. Looks like all signs point to me being a good guy!
  • LC June Hex BugAnother item in the box was a Transformer branded Hex Bug. Hex Bugs are tiny, battery operated critters that walk around any flat surface. The normal ones look like actual bugs, so they can be creepy if you are not a fan of bugs (like me). But these, these are awesome. And in keeping with the trend, I received an Autobot Hex Bug, which you can open the wings on its back and send it off on a walk!
  • The rest of the items in the box were sort of throw away items for me. Warheads Sour Candy, a Major League Gaming (MLG) wrist band with a starter kit that contains stickers and a promo code. I’m not a fan of sour flavors and the MLG stuff is just not my thing. If any of you out there are interested in the promo code, just message me and it’s yours.

Loot Create June

And there you have it, June’s Loot Crate! Overall, there were some real winners in the box. The t-shirt and Transformer items are A+. The rest of the stuff is just so-so, but that’s how it goes with subscription boxes… full of hits and misses. As long as the hits outweigh the misses, then I’ll be back for another month! And July looks like a good one, the theme is Villains!


Disclaimer: I pay for my own Loot Crate Subscription. All opinions are my own.

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